André Silva Receives His POTM Card in FIFA Ultimate Team

André Silva was chosen as the best player in the German Bundesliga. For this reason, EA Sports has introduced a POTM card of this Eintracht Frankfurt forward. The same happened with the Algerian Farid Boulaya, best player of the month in the Ligue One of France, for example.

Beyond the fact that this card does not fit perfectly in the FIFA Ultimate Team meta, it has some characteristics that can make it an interesting attacker that you can have in your team in an emergency due to its versatility.

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André Silva POTM is a complete forward, but he can improve in some things.

André Silva’s acceleration is quite good. His acceleration can go up to 97 points if we use Hunter as a chemistry style.

However, André Silva is not a fast forward despite his good acceleration points. This card only has 77 sprint points and it will cost you a lot to out-speed defenders who are far from the box, since he will take a long time to reach his maximum speed.

Also, this forward only has three bad-leg stars, which will force you to go to the right most of the time and make it easy for your opponent to predict your movements.

His shooting attributes are spectacular. Silva POTM has 89 long shot points and 92 finishing points, which combined with his 95 positioning points will make him position himself quite well inside the box.

However, his slow speed and inability to shoot with his left leg make him a technically very limited player that he will not be very dangerous if he is not totally alone against the goalkeeper to shoot with his right leg.

Also, beyond his good positioning, fast defenders will be able to catch up with him and snatch the ball from him with some ease.

His passing attributes are pretty decent too. He has 86 short passing points and 89 vision points, making him a center forward capable of throwing filtered passes and taking advantage of spaces left by defenders.

In addition, he has four stars of skillful movements and 81 points of strength, so it will not be easy to take the ball from him inside the box. Silva POTM is capable of creating his own scoring chances and, if he manages to shape himself towards his right leg, he becomes a serious threat to the rival defense.


André Silva POTM is a very complete striker who if he didn’t have that speed defect and only three stars with bad legs he would be a top striker in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Unfortunately, these weaknesses will not allow you to exploit all the virtues of this good Portuguese striker. Therefore, it is better to look for other options, unless your team is based in the Bundesliga and you want to play with two center forwards.

FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.