All need to know about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the most common sex issue. Erectile dysfunction can affect at more than 30 million men. It is defined as the one among the trouble getting as well as keeping an erection during sex. The problem is not quite rare for a man who to faces some kind of problems with erections by the time but it turns into progressive or it happens frequent websites that are not normal. However, you do not need to worry the problem is treated well-

How does it work?

During sexual Encounters in nerves release Chemicals that might increase the blood flow to the penis. Directly flows into a fraction chamber that is made up of muscle tissues. During the sexual encounter, the penis is soft as why most of the men noticed the changes in the size of the penis. Normally it is affected the balance of blood that is coming to the penis.


It is very hard to get rid of erectile dysfunction that is mostly happening during sex. When erectile dysfunction turns into a routine, it becomes a bothersome issue that might be prevented by professional practitioners. Erectile dysfunction is considered a major warning sign of cardiovascular problems that can block the man’s vascular system. Let’s get a look at the symptoms of erectile dysfunction-

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Distress of partner

To learn more about the prevention of erectile dysfunction you must contact professionals. Once you get the right treatment to fix for boost erectile function it also benefits circulatory health as well as the quality of life.


Erectile dysfunction can cause several health as well as emotional problems that you might check out-

  • After the age of 50
  • Blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Smoking
  • Being obese

Physical causes

Let’s have a look at the reasons erectile dysfunction happens-

  • Erectile dysfunction happens when the blood flow is not enough to the penis. Several health issues and reduced blood flow to the penis also cause heart problems as well as high blood sugar.
  • If the blood does not stay in the penis man cannot keep it during an erection. The problem happens at any stage.
  • Diabetes can cause heart muscle problems as well as nerve damage to the penile.

Drugs tadalafil are used to treat several health problems but it hurts erection. It is advised to talk with the professionals to know about the drugs as well you can consult with primary care doctors.